For gin lovers who appreciate the craft experience.

Zenith Distillery is a boutique craft distillery and has a tasting room located in the picturesque Tamar Valley region of Tasmania at the historic 1844 built Pier Hotel in George Town. Here we let our fresh, quality, local botanicals do the heavy lifting as we sit back to enjoy the fruits of our incredible Tasmanian produce.

Our signature botanicals give each limited hand-crafted batch a fresh, smooth and balanced flavour making them the perfect drink for any gin lover or novice. With a chemistry background, high attention to detail and quality Tasmanian ingredients Zenith Distillery is set to become one of the world's best and most unique gins on offer.

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  • Feeling tickled pink?

  • Experience a bit of fusion

  • A true classic with a twist

Feeling tickled pink?

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Experience a bit of fusion

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A true classic with a twist

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